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Fall 2020 International Student Orientation (ISO)

Fall 2020 International Student Orientation (ISO)
  • Orientation is required for all students and is on September 2, 2020 beginning at 9:00am
  • The schedule and Zoom links can be found below
  • The entire ISO will be online, but individual welcome folders with helpful materials will be available for pick up from our office Sept 1st. See e-mail for details.
Remember to remain on 'mute' during all Zoom sessions and to use the chat box to engage, ask questions, and get to know our faculty and staff!
Fall 2020 ISO Schedule
9:00am Welcome & Introductions Meeting ID: 814 7487 6026
9:30am Help Desk Overview
10:15am Academic Advising Meeting ID: 868 3246 8930
10:35am Culture & Immigration Matters
12:00pm Faculty Meet & Greet Meeting ID: 864 5165 3638
12:30pm How to Use the ISS Portal
12:50pm Off-Campus Housing
1:30pm US Classroom Culture & Getting Connected Meeting ID: 882 3783 2540
1:50pm Health Insurance Policy
2:30pm The Office of Financial Aid Meeting ID: 885 5159 8643
2:50pm Document Check Instructions & Wrap Up