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Immigration Attorneys

Below is contact information for some immigration attorneys who have experience working with F-1 students. However, students may work with any attorney they wish.

Borene Law Firm - U.S. & Global Immigration
Scott M. Borene and George Maxwell
Minneapolis, MN
Practice areas: US immigration, global immigration, F-1, H-1B, criminal, family, Green Card

Borene Law Firm provides the following free services:
  • Any student or recent graduate can get a free, no charge, 10-15 minute “mini” discussion with a Borene Law Firm immigration attorney, regarding any immigration question. Just call 612-321-0082 and request a “mini”. 
  • Any student or recent graduate can get a free email subscription to the Borene Law Firm “Immigration Update” Newsletter by sending an email request to Penny at
  • If you want Borene's PPT/Deck, please reach out to
Peltier Law PLLC
Carrie H. Peltier
Roseville, MN
Practice areas: US immigration, F-1, criminal, civil, family

Sarah K. Peterson
Minneapolis, MN
Practice area: US immigration, F-1, employment
  • Student Rates are Offered
  • Walk-ins are not available. There is a consultation process. Please get in touch with Fragomen/Sarah.
  • This recording is of our Workshop with Sarah (Students must log in with their CSP Gmail to see it).
  • If you would like the deck/PPT, please reach out to

Webber Law Firm 2.0
Robert Webber
Plymouth, MN
Practice areas: H-1B, TN, L-1/blanket L, O-1, R-1, Green Cards, citizenship

Webber Law Firm 2.0 may be able to give a no cost consultation depending on topic.

Wilson Law Group
Minneapolis, MN
Practice areas: US immigration, F-1, H-1B, TN, family

Wilson Law group offers the following free services:
  • Free consultations for international students. 
Other resources:
American Immigration Lawyers Association
Search for an immigration lawyer and read news updates.

Legal Aid Society
Minneapolis, MN