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Add Dependent Request

  • Only a spouse or child can be added as an F-2 dependent.
  • You must show additional funding of $3,500 for each dependent. Your I-20 will be updated to show the new finances.
Things to Remember:
  • F-2 is valid for the duration of the F-1 visa holder's status.
  • F-2 dependents may not work, but they may study part-time. F-2 children enroll in Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Children must be under 21 to qualify for F-2 status.
  • F-2 dependents do not pay the SEVIS I-901 fee, but they do pay any fees associated with their F-2 visa appointment.
  • You must sign the Student Attestation section(s) on your I-20 for yourself and your dependents.
Note: If you have already started a request for the current term, please go to your User Home Page to continue working on your request. Do not start a new request.‚Äč

To initiate a request, click here and login with Campus ID (use your CSP credentials). Requests can be found in the “Control Center” section of the request page.