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Student Account Payments

Where can I view information on tuition due dates, payment installments, and how to pay?
  • Click here to view this information on the Student Financial Services page.
Can I pay by credit or debit card?
  • Yes, credit and debit cards payments can be made online (not at the Cashier's window). Domestic cards are accepted with a 2.85% convenience fee. International cards are accepted with a 4.25% convenience fee.
Can I pay by cash, check, or cashier's check?
  • Yes, the Cashier's office accepts cash, checks, and cashier's checks. The Cashier's office is located inside the Business office in the Poehler Administration Building in the tunnel. 
  • It is not recommended to carry large amounts of cash from your bank or ATM. You can request a cashier's check from your bank instead of carrying cash.
How can I wire a payment to CSP?
  • PayMyTuition
    • With PayMyTuition, you can pay your tuition payments from any bank, in any country, in any currency at better than bank exchange rates. Multilingual customer support is available 24/7.
    • Click here then click on "International Student Payments" to view more information including step-by-step instructions in 17 languages.
    • You can also share this page with a payer at home and they can view the page and instructions in 17 languages.
    • PayMyTuition offers a rate guarantee to help you get the best exchange rate.
    • Click here for PayMyTuition Partnership Info.
    • All official communication will be sent from a PayMyTuition email domain (ex. Please ignore any emails from other domains such as,, etc.
  • Flywire Payment Information
    • Flywire enables students to make payments anywhere in the world–at any time.
    • Click here to go to CSP's payment page.
    • Flywire does not use CSP login credentials. You will need to create a Flywire account then log in.
  • Wire Transfer Information
    • Click on Wire Transfer Information above to view CSP's banking details for international wire transfers.
How can I request a term receipt?
  • Login to CSP Connect
  • Scroll down to the "My Account" card
    • If you are a graduate student, click on "Cohort - Request Term Receipt"
    • If you are an undergraduate student, click on "Traditional or ABSN - Request Term Receipt"
  • A window will pop up. Fill out the requested information and click "Submit"
  • If you are having trouble requesting a receipt, please contact
What if I paid too much on my student account and need to get a refund?
  • Please sign up for CSP's direct deposit so the refund can be sent directly to your US bank account.
Where can I find and apply for scholarships?
  • CSP automatically awards merit scholarships to eligible undergraduate students during the admissions process.
  • Students are welcome to look for and apply for outside scholarships on their own.
  • Students can find scholarship search links in the the Financial Aid section of CSP Connect.
  • Interstride has a scholarship finder page for international students. You can access Interstride with your CSP login and password. 
  • LewerMark has a scholarship contest. More information can be found here.
For all other questions about your student account or payments, please contact Student Financial Services.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 651-603-6300