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Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance is required for all F1 international students at Concordia. All F1 international students will be enrolled in Concordia's health insurance plan. Beginning in Fall Semester 2019, Concordia's health insurance plan will be through LewerMark Student Insurance. Please click HERE to find your ID card, plan information, customer chat, and more.

F1 students who do not submit waiver-eligible health insurance information by noon on the Friday of the first week of classes will be automatically enrolled in health insurance each term. The cost of health insurance is included in your I-20 estimate and will be billed to your student account each term. If you become waiver-eligible in a future term, you MUST notify ISS by email to confirm.

The following F1 students are eligible for a health insurance waiver. 

Waiver-eligible students:
-Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) students
-Students with employer-provided health insurance (CPT)
-Exchange or select partner students:  SoonChunHyang University, United International College, and InfoLink 
-Student athletes

Concordia cannot accept individually purchased plans for the insurance waiver. 

Students with a visa status other than F1 are also expected to carry a quality health insurance plan during their time at Concordia. Additional visa types covered under the LewerMark plan include J, Q, M, U, T, R, A, TPS, & DACA Students. If you would like to sign up for the LewerMark plan, please contact ISS.