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Concurrent Enrollment Request

F1 students in good status can enroll in two different SEVP-approved schools at one time as long as the combined enrollment amounts to a full time course of study.

Student Eligibility:
  • Students are not eligible for concurrent enrollment during their first term at Concordia.

Things to Remember:
  • Students can concurrently enroll in one class at another institution per semester (fall and spring).
  • Summer is not counted in this limit but is counted as concurrent enrollment. This form must still be completed in summer term.
  • Students must maintain full-time enrollment while doing concurrent enrollment (except for the summer term).
  • Credits taken at the other institution count towards the full-time enrollment requirement.
  • Your concurrent enrollment is not authorized until you have completed this form and turned it in to ISS.

To initiate a request, click here. Requests can be found in the “Control Center” section of the request page.