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Student Resources

This Student Resources information is for informational purposes only. Students may use any vendors they prefer.

Click the links below for more information.

  • Information on banking in the US
  • ​Documents needed to open a bank account
  • Banks in the US
Child Care Resources
  • Information on child care in the Twin Cities
  • Examples of child care centers
  • Information on renting and buying furniture
Immigration Attorneys
  • Names and contact information for immigration attorneys in the Twin Cities
  • Areas of practice
  • Other legal resources
Off-Campus Housing
  • Apartment search resources
  • Apartments near CSP
  • Homestay and host family resources
Shopping Resources
  • Information on:
    • general shopping
    • grocery stores
    • shopping malls
Things to Do in MN
  • Links to popular tourism information pages:
    • Explore Minnesota page
    • Visit Saint Paul page
    • Meet Minneapolis page
Winter Information
  • Important information on winter in MN
  • Winter clothing
  • Winter warning
  • Snow emergency parking and driving
  • Winter driving tips
  • Winter alerts
  • Winter weather terms
  • Winter activities