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Off-Campus Housing

Apartment Searching Resources:
CORT Apartment Search - Search for an apartment by city, neighborhood, or zip code.
St. Thomas Off-Campus Housing Page - Search for apartments close to nearby universities including Concordia.
U of MN Off-Campus Housing Page - Search for apartments within a short commuting distance to Concordia.

Apartments Near CSP:
Pivot Apartments - Located at 455 Snelling Ave N in Saint Paul.

Homestays/Host Family Resources:
USA Homestays - Find a local host family to live with short-term or long-term.
The Hospitality Center - A local Christian faith-based organization making community and finding short-term (3-14 days) host families for international students in the Twin Cities. They can also provide airport pick-ups, small houseware items, and furniture.

This Student Resources information is for informational purposes only. Students may use any vendors they prefer.